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This site contains tips, tricks, software, archives and home page of SDTP founders and friends.

The software of bb95.

Galos travels

La Lettre de l'Electronique archives


20 january 2020: New program Mails In Box, pop3 and Imap mail checker, replace Mailattente
6 november 2019 : New version of Personal Contacts Manager

17 june 2019 : New version of Backup, restore and edit  Firefox and Thunderbird profiles
11 april 2019 : New version of Program group manager
20 march 2018 : New version of french universal Calendrier Java.
2nd july 2014 : Archives from 1985 to 2003 of french newsletter Lettre de l'Electronique in free access
15 june 2014 : New release of Webradio, player/recorder of MP3, AAC and WMA Internet radios


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